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Hi my friends!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a great start to your week! I am plugging along but my room has kind of hit a stand still. Don't worry though I'll be painting & posting a progress post soon!! I'm getting excited and really can't wait to show you all more progress.

I have another fun post for you today! IKEA has a new collection coming out and this one is cool.

"New limited edition collection that IKEA is launching in stores across Canada as of June 1st. Six talented artists and design teams with close links to the fashion industry were hand-picked to create prints featuring everything from fashion photography, digital couture, cartoons to hand drawings and collages that were applied to everyday items such as cushions, duvet covers, boxes and porcelain. The whole idea behind this collection was to turn something that is otherwise considered ordinary into something that is extraordinary." - Alicia Carroll - Director of Public Relations & Communications.

So many cool & unique everyday items, the bedding I think is my favorite! I would love to use one of these in my new room. Maybe even some new throw pillows?! I love the pink & birds one.

Ok enough talking, I'll let the picture's talk now.


What do you think?!

Pretty cool stuff, and fun to know a designer, fashion designer, or a cool talented artist celebrity made the new plates you eat on or comforter you sleep with!

Be sure to check out the whole line, June 1st! 

See you all here on Friday my friends!

Disclaimer: "This is not a sponsored post, I just love IKEA and want to share new collections and cool products with you! I only share what I love and am passionate about."

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