New IKEA Winter & Christmas Collection

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Hi my friends!

I have cozy and well christmasy (yes Christmas) post for you today!

IKEA has a new collection coming out and I really like the looks of this one!

They never cease to excite me! 

So many cute Christmas accessories, new cozy blankets and sleek cottage chic furniture. 

Home Winter Collection2.jpg
Home Winter Collection.jpg
Wrapping Paper.jpg
Winter Home Collection5.jpg
Winter Home Collection3.jpg
Winter Home Collection6.jpg
Winter Home Collection7.jpg
Winter Home Collection8.jpg

All pictures sourced from IKEA & Press Kit

What do you think?! I personally would choose mostly everything and 100% some of that awesome wrapping paper.

That Chandelier, my goodness!!! All the heart eyes my friends. Some really nice stuff in this collection at affordable prices too!

Be sure to check out the line in-stores mid October!

Disclaimer: "This is not a sponsored post, I just love IKEA and want to share new collections and cool products with you. I only share what I love and am passionate about."

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