One Room Challenge | Final Living Room Reveal

Good morning from Calgary Alberta!!

After a 4 day road trip I am finally here!! Woohoo! Ok I guess I should get to the reveal eh?

Oh my gosh guys today is the day, the final week of the One Room Challenge!! I am so SO excited to share the reveal with you. A lot of blood, sweat and tears (well that may be a little bit of a stretch) later I've got a brand new room!

This was such a fun experience and such a great way to get my butt in gear with my home project list. From start to finish I feel like I have a new room! With all of my accessories in place, art, pillows & throws I have a now completed new living room. I could always do a few more things but I feel this is a perfect start.

Guys what do you think?


There it is in all of her new glory! Do you remember what it looked like before? Here let me refresh your memory.

Yup, oomph. Cozy but heavy and clunky, no good. That black chair is the corner was given to a friend of mine, so it went to a good home. The table and ottoman stayed where it was, unfortunately I did not win that battle. To be honest thought, it is pretty functional for us so it'll stay for now.

Hey maybe he'll let me paint it!? I didn't style anything on top of it because for me the simpler the better I don't like to much fuss, but I do have a few of my favorite home decor books underneath.

See those awesome pillows? They are from IKEA I know can you believe it? I originally bought 2 thinking that, that was ok but it didn't feel balanced. I ended up buying two more. after all Unfortunately they didn't have 2 more of those blue ones (of course) so I ended on buying these ( I think) white ones instead.

They kind of remind me of a burlap material but are still soft and comfortable. I think they all work really well with each other!! They are so squishy and comfy.


Those great pictures ledges were so easy and budget friendly I wish I had more wall space to use more!

How about those lights!? Pretty awesome for dollar store buys am I right? They look great and kind of have a blue/white light look so good! Great for watching movies, if you need a little bit of a night light or cool effect.

See that wall that sticks out, remember there used to be a picture there, well its moved to the picture ledges now. I think it looks so much better empty, but I am thinking maybe over time a long picture would look good there? We'll see how it goes.


I moved my vintage coke cola wooden box under the ledges to finish off the look on that wall (and prevent any tripping, sorry Andrew!) and I actually really like it there. It finishes off that "nook" perfectly.

Last but not least my art! The frames were bought from IKEA & The Dollar Store (shhh don't tell) .

I found these pretty pictures online and printed them on cardstock paper. I didn't get to get the other pictures I originally showed you in the mood board but I thought these were great options too (I will probably update them over time). I also bought that butterfly print from chapters, well I lied it is actually wrapping paper. YUP! Pretty good right?

Aren't those pictures so fun? I love them but I definitely need some practice on styling picture ledges! (sorry about the quality of the picture, poor light from this angle!)

Now no reveal is complete without a before and after of course!

So what do you all think, pretty great huh!? Not the most jaw dropping reveal but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Plus I am happy to wrap up this project and check it off my list. I love cozying up in this room and watching a good old show/movie or doing some work. It's so bright and cheerful, it makes my heart happy every time I come in the door.

I have to still learn and play with my pictures ledges but over time I think I will get the hang of it!

I wanted to thank Linda from Calling It Home that hosts this event. It was so fun & challenging and I'll be sure to do it again! Head on over to see the rest of the amazing reveals, I know I will and I am SO excited I feel like a kid in a candy store.

The 20 designers & Over 200+ Guest Participants included!

Here is all the sources of furniture, accessories & art I found!

Coke Cola; Vintage Find

Picture Ledges

Blue Square Pillow

Blue Stripped Pillow

Burlap White Pillow


Table; Hand me down from family

Throw; Given to me by my grandma ( you can find similar ones in Home Sense, Wal-Mart, Chapters anywhere really)

Polka Dot Art

Donut Art

Home Sweet Home Art

See you all tomorrow!! Ta-Ta from Calgary.

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