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Hi Lovelies!

Today I am excited and your probably wondering what that title means. Well let me tell you, One Room Challenge which is hosted by Linda from Calling It Home, is a 6 week transformation of one room of your choice. There are 20 Designers and multiple Guest Participants who you can follow along with for 6 weeks to see their room transformations. You don't want to miss this, there are fantastic designers and some beautiful spaces.

You will see extra posts going up around here every Thursday for the next 6 weeks!! I am so excited for this because now I'll get to start one room I've been meaning to start for a while and now I have no excuses. It'll give me the jump start I need and it will keep me accountable to get those projects done!

Let me introduce you to the room I chose, my living room. There she is in all her glory!

White Basement.JPG
Beige Basement 4.JPG

Yup...glory...well we'll go with not so glorious.

I definitely need a change and to brighten that space up a bit. It felt a bit heavy and dark for me and I was definitely not loving it. Also because it's such a open concept (which I adore) my kitchen is also in sight, so my goal is to really make it bright, fresh and inviting. So people will want to come and stay, that I will want to cook and entertain and lastly and more importantly that I will feel happy in my space again.

So here's my plan of action;

  • Paint; I am thinking a white
  • New Pillows; either blue and white, stripped or floral
  • Picture ledges; on the far guitar wall
  • A New throw
  • Either take away the coffee table, use the ottoman as the coffee table or leave as is (got to check with the man)
  • Take away the black lounge chair
  • Take down the small pictures
  • Think about changing the picture on the step out wall

Things that need to stay;

  • Couch
  • TV Unit/Stand
  • Coffee Table (maybe)

What do you think guys? I am open to more suggestions too, if you have any just comment down below. I better get my butt in serious gear as I have a 2 week vacation coming up in May! Can't wait to see what I come up with and work on this fun project as well as see all the others room transformations, here we go!

Beige Basement 3.JPG

See you all tomorrow friends!

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