One Room Challenge | Week 3


Good Morning Everyone!

Wow can you believe its already week 3?! Where the heck did the time go, is it just me or is it flying? if you are just joining in welcome! You can check out week 1 and week 2 and for a quick reminder this is the room that I am transforming so far.

White Basement.JPG

I may be a little late on the mood board band wagon but better late then never I say! :) Here is what I am trying to achieve in my living room, so far I think I'm on perfect track.

Couch/Pillow Stripes/Pillow Square/Pastel Art/Quote Print/Plant/Picture Ledge/Behr Snow White Paint/Hanging Terranium/Inspiration Picture/Cactus Picture

I recently went to my favorite store IKEA! They always seem to amaze me and excite me at the same time, if you follow me on Instagram then you probably already saw this photo. Here is a sneak on what I bought. 

There are still a few more things I need to grab but I am trying to avoid it till I have to because I could literally buy EVERYTHING. They are just so affordable and there is just so much to look at that I could spend hours and thousands (is that just me?).

I bought my pillows and my picture ledges and put them up as soon as I got home (can we say eager much?).  I am loving how it's going so far and with just a few more buys and then getting everything together I will for sure conquer these six weeks. Although I was thinking of adding some twinkle lights (because I am obsessed with them lately) along the bottom of the picture ledges. I can not seem to find them any where or they happen to be WAY to long. Anyone have any other suggestions? What do you think of under the ledge lighting? Or should I just scrap the lighting idea all together? Hmm decisions, decisions.

It's a short post today but I am feeling good about my progress so far, now on to week 4 and let's get to some more shopping!!

How are all of your room transformations going? Thank you for all the love & sweet comments last week. I have checked out a bunch others room and man o man I am excited! It's like Christmas each week, waiting to see what's coming next. 

There are so many amazing rooms and designers. If you missed them check out the Top designers  and over 200 guest participants!! Also linking from Thoughts Of Home For Thursday.

See you all back here tomorrow!!

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