One Room Challenge | Week 4

Hi lovelies,

Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments last week, makes me feel like I'm really on the right track. If your just joining I am doing a 6 week challenge held by the lovely Linda from Calling It Home to transform one room in my home. I am re-doing my living room and you can see my progress here, here and here.

This week I am showing you the progress so far! I have my picture ledges up;

I choose the smaller size because the longer ones I thought would look a little funny on my walls. Especially with a door right there I was nervous it wasn't going to open or close properly. The smaller ones fit perfectly and doesn't affect the door swing at all (YAY).

Here is the fabric and pillows I choose, now I know this looks funny with just 2 but don't worry I'll be getting more!

I moved my vintage wooden Coke Cola box underneath the picture ledges. Instead of it on the column to prevent any tripping (Ahem sorry fiancé). Also I thought it was the finishing touch that wall needed, now it feels finished no?

Guys I have some EXCITING News that I cant wait to share with you all next week, here's a sneak!

So that's the progress so far!! Let's check thelist to see how it's going, also an update on the table vs ottoman thing. I talked to the man and we'll just leave it how it is for now.

• Paint; I am thinking a white

• New Pillows; either blue and white, stripped or floral

• Picture ledges; on the far guitar wall

• A New throw

• Either take away the coffee table, use the ottoman as the coffee table or leave as is (got to check with the man)

• Take away the black lounge chair

• Take down the small pictures

• Think about changing the picture on the step out wall

• Add twinkle lighting

• Patch & touch up wall with previous picture on it

So that's it for this week! Not a bad list left, so I'm happy with the progress so far. Now I just need to get the finishing touches, the art in the frames, accessories and then style, clean and take pictures! This may be a BUSY two weeks, considering I am leaving for Calgary next weekend, wish me luck!

If you want to catch up or join in check out Calling it Home and if you want to see the gorgeous rooms from the 20 designers or the 200+ guest participants. You don't want to miss out, these rooms are inspiring and needless to say I get giddy each week waiting for their progress!

See you all back tomorrow!

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