One Room Challenge | Week 5

Hi sweet friends!

Wow we've come to the second last week of the challenge, I can't believe it's almost over! Its kind of sad if you think about it but it also gives me a push to keep going with other projects and giving yourself a deadline helps that much more. Here's a refresher of what the space looks like from the start.

Beige Basement 6.jpg

Here's how it looks after we painted;

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This week I come in with a quick post again with just a small update;

  • I found my frames
  • I bought 2 more pillows
  • I picked out my art work
  • I started putting everything together
  • I have my accessories
  • I found my lights!!

Here's a peek at the art that's going up!

Guys I can't wait to show you everything all together! It's going to be a stunner! So I showed you a sneak at the lights last week, let me tell you guys I found them in the most random place! The Dollar store!

I tell yea they have everything and that store has been my life! Anyways they are the perfect size (all the others I've found are super long and expensive) and at $2 each!! What a steal right? To say the least I may or may not have been dancing down the isles.

Guys I think I am all complete! I found everything I needed on the weekend and now all I need to do is style, clean up and take photos! I had a little bit of an issue with choosing the other two pillows, they didn't have the 2 I originally picked. So I had to choose 2 new ones, I think they still work great. Now my fiancé on the other hand thinks it's to much white but I am really loving it, it brightens up everything so much. 

Woohoo!! Now I feel a bit guilty as this project wasn't as big as some of the other transformations but hey you need to start somewhere right!?

Don't forget to keep tabs on the top designers and guest participants over on calling it home blog! Next week are all the big reveals and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

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See you all back here tomorrow!

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