Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies & Keeping A Clean House With Ella Andrews

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Do you have trouble organizing your cleaning supplies? Want to make them easy to grab? Well I have just the post for you today.

Ella Andrews who writes for numerous home décor sites is here to talk all about how to organize your cleaning supplies today. To help make it easy for you to keep your supplies clean & organized and one less thing to remember.

So I'll turn it over to Ella;

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There are many ways you can deal with house cleaning, but at the end of the day you will need to keep yourself organized in the process. The process of organizing will take time and a great deal of effort for most things, but making your cleaning supplies organized and within easy reach will not be all that hard if you know what you’re doing ahead of time. Just focus on the job and follow the tips ahead to make it happen:

Seeing is cleaning

Need a recipe for easier cleaning? Well you need to make the most of whatever space you have under the sink. Use the upper baskets in stacking a wire rack for a caddy for most of your cleaners. The storage and organizing spaces will need to be mobile to make them more useful. It will take some serious organizing, but you can make use of wire racks as a caddy for sponges and rags.

Keeping it tidy and trim

Having a pullout type pantry effectively will help manage your cleaning supplies in a more useful location, such as a tall pullout pantry you can make use of during your house cleaning sessions. You can have it in the hallway, laundry room, kitchen and other locations around the home. Hang items such as dustpans and scrubbers close to the sides on a practical pegboard insert. Hooks will help corral your mops and brooms more efficiently.


Label your caddies with their cleaning supplies on the floor of your kitchen closet. Colorful sticker labels will be easily readable from a distance and you will have a much easier time finding what you need in a hurry. Labeled storage baskets will be the bane of all messy areas, as they will be there for you. When you need them so you can make use of your cleaning arsenal, but they will also let you handle other items such as light bulbs, rags, extension cords and so much more.

Making use of the under sink space

Affix a nice storage caddy under the sink for a more useful storage solution for your cleaning fluids. This will also be a good place to keep your plastic bags and trash bags specifically, as they will be within easy reach and you can get them anytime you’re working on cleaning the kitchen.

Blending style and function

Before you think about rushing to the store to get a cleaning caddy, you should consider re-purposing a small and unused bin that is simply sitting around the house already. This will be a good solution for your needs, as it will allow you to corral everyday functions into a storage bin that is easy to handle and it won’t cost you money in the process. Think about re-purposing what you already have and you will have a much easier time overall. This is something that needs to be done if you want to have a useful counter-top and well-organized cleaning efforts.

Article granted by Ella A. on behalf of: Kensington Cleaner Ltd.

Some great tips from Ella! Thanks for joining us and I hope you all found something helpful that you can start using in your own home today! I know I've started using some of these already!

Any tips you use to help keep organized? How do you organize your cleaning supplies? Let me know if the comments below.


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