Shop Talk: Target's Outdoor Patio Decor

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Hi my decor loving pals!

How are you this fine morning? Good I hope, it is Friday! I am actually on my way up to a cottage this weekend and I am so excited, this is much needed and I love being up north and with nature. I smell lots of fishing and hiking this weekend :).

Well since my good friends at Target left us in Canada I still dream and cruise through their site. But they now they ship to Canada so YAY!

Since summer is coming up and the nice weather is around the corner, I see lots of people preparing their gardens and getting new patio furniture ready!

I couldn't help myself but dream of a backyard that I don't currently have at the moment but no harm in dreaming up spaces right?

Target has some awesome stuff and their Patio & Garden lines are no different!

Let's all get inspired and start outdoor decorating shall we? Its just as important as indoor I think especially in those warm, summer months.


Global Patio Collection


Farmhouse Outdoor Collection

How pretty are those collections?

I think i would go after the Farmhouse or the Casual Traditional. But there are so many to choose from.

You can drool over the other pretty option hereCan we talk about drooling over new patio furniture?!

What's would you go for?


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