The Help I Needed & The Results

The Help I Needed & The Results.png

Hi friends!

Well the results are in! Remember a few weeks back I asked for your help in this post here, and you came back with awesome remarks, questions, comments and feedback!

THANK YOU so much for that! It has honestly helps so much.

I am reworking a few things, sprucing some things up, it is spring and spring cleaning time after all.

 So let's take a look shall we?

What is your age?


So I got a few different answers but the majority of you were between 25 to 34!

What is your gender?


Drumroll.....FEMALE 100%! #femalepower

What topic would you like to learn more on?


This one was fun to see and I have some posts in the works. Now that I know more of what you want to see, my mind is a flurry of ideas. It was all a pretty close race but seems that organizing tips came out on top!

How often do you visit Lovely Decor?


This one was a bit harder to take but now I know with being more consistent and more present. Ill gain a more loyal group, who come back for more on a daily basis!

What are you struggling most with in your home?


This was another fun one and really cool to see because that gives me even more ideas for how to make you feel more confident. Decorating on a budget pulled out for the win, and I can't say I blame you! Who doesn't want to decorate on a dime? A close second came Choosing the right style, which is difficult for anyone! I know it took me a little to find my way, especially with all that social stuff floating around.

I post twice a week, is that enough?


Twice a week is perfect!  Thanks guys and I feel right now it's the best for me, giving you the best content without over doing it or sounding like a robot.

I have recently added In-Home/E-Design services to help you even more! What do you need from me that will give you confidence that I will be the best fit for you?

I won't delve in to deep but I had a lot of great feedback. This will help huge.

Do you enjoy having access to a free resource/printable library?


This one was a toughie, I'm struggling to see if I need to keep it, need to market it more, if it's working for my readers and me, or if I can find a better option. Not many people seem to know about it! So I've either have to make it more known or find a different way to give back to my friends.

How did you find out about Lovely Decor? 


Now this was so cool to see! Its so funny to compare a survey result with Google analytics because this time it was Facebook! Where as on google it was pinterest! Interesting eh.

I also received some, lovely comments and great feedback. I appreciate you guys being honest and open, and taking the time to express your thoughts.

I am here to help you and to make you feel confident in your home. So hearing from you is the best medicine!

"Judgment free with guidance to make you feel comfortable making the world more beautiful one space at a time."

So I have some things up my sleeve, post ideas, email ideas, social ideas, giveaway ideas (did I say that out loud?) and more so be sure to follow along with me wherever I roam.

Keep your eyes peeled!



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