This Year's Goals & I Need A Little Help

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Hi my decorating buddies!

How are you this fine morning?

Now I know this may be a little on the late side, BUT better late then never, I always say. Or is that just me? HA Oh well. January and February have been a whirlwind of activities, preparation, organization, figuring out new tactics and down right fun & finding my feet.

Now that I have all that (somewhat) figured out. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts with all of you! This year I really want to focus my energy on writing more meaningful and engaging posts and finding out the best ways I can help you!

It's all about helping, guiding and being at my best, so I can give you my best. After having time away for reflection and letting go I have a new mindset and feeling ( I told you this was going to be an amazing year).

So here is my breakdown for the year.

Don't forget to read to the bottom as I need your help on a little something :).

Schedule more: Scheduling more means I'll be spending less time on things that take up too much unnecessary time and spending more time on things that are important. Things to accelerate and things that are exciting and that I love. It will give me the freedom I need.

Be available more: This also coincides with schedule more, which means I'll have more time to spend with the people I love. This also means I'll have more time with all of you, to be available to answer questions, video calls, Insta stories etc. Lastly to have more time for the fun stuff, creating, designing, coming up with newer & bigger ideas and building on something I love.

Self development: Watching more self improvement videos, motivation & learning business webinars, goal writing, organizing and following through on ideas & deadlines in my organizer. Taking time for myself and meditating, ordering salt candles to rejuvenate my space and journaling more too.

More adventures: Taking time for more adventure in my life whether it be  a day, weekend, or week trips. Taking the time to really enjoy the time away. Explore new things, places, food and be out in nature with new experiences.

More ME time: Taking time for things that fill me up, make me happy and doing things on my own. Journal more, meditating, yoga, continuing on my fitness & health journey, trying new classes & activities, trying new foods, experiencing more things on my own. Gaining the confidence back and reducing anxieties.

Stay consistent: With my blog & business, continuing to post consistently and gain the trust of my readers. To continue posting twice a week and on social media as necessary. Starting to post again on instagram.

Do what I love: Continuing doing what I love and things that fulfill me and my heart. Saying bye to that things that I can live without and the negative energy. Saying goodbye to things that don't make me happy.

Think outside the box: My to do list and my ideas list is growing. Thinking outside the box and really finding my groove in my business/blog/life flow. Posting new and different things on FB, more fb live videos, eye catching and intriguing Pinterest pins, email sequences and email series. Launch new products and rethinking my decor library.

Stay organized & follow through: Keeping my organizer up to date, paper work & administrative work. Writing things I need to accomplish that week and then breaking it down by each day in my calendar. So I can keep myself accountable, to remind me and then I can follow through each time.

Don't be so hard on myself: This is a big one for me, and something I will grow into. My promise is to not punish myself health, food or fitness wise (as in if I treat myself it's ok). To not punish myself for a few missed posts, and to not fall into the trap of *well I missed one so I misewell miss another* etc. To not punish myself if I don't get EVERYTHING done I need to that minute or that day. To learn patience and that it will get done, maybe not right this second but it will. To not be so negative and to stay motivated and positive. To take time out of my day and acknowledge myself. If I am feeling that I am down or becoming negative towards things, acknowledge it, and change my path and move on.

Helping Others: This is my main goal for this year, is helping others more. Helping homeowners and women like you, out of the home hate and into home love. Helping solve any and all decor problems. To provide meaningful, insightful and knowledge filled blog posts. With the help of my Decor Organizer, updating my free library and my services, I want to be available to be the #1 spot for you to find exactly what you need or the help you need when you need it. Its all about you guys!

hat are you looking forward to this year? What is your number one goal? Are you focusing more on yourself?

Now up above I did say, I need your help with something and I most certainly do!

I want to be able to help serve you the best I can but I'm a little shy in that department. So I was wondering if you could help me out by filling out this small survey.

So then I know more about what you want to see this year, what you need more of, and what I can do for you to be better! - Thank you all for your feedback! This survey has now been closed.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help a sista out.

Its much appreciated!

Can't wait to see and read all your answers!

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