Top 5 Kitchen Layouts

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As I reflect on how this year has been going and how motivated and organized I have been trying to be. I can't help but give a plan of action and writing things down the cause for success. It gives you a detailed plan and step by step breakdown to get things checked off your to do list. 

I know this time of year people start thinking about renovations to get done by the summer. They start planning and budgeting, especially when it comes to kitchen designs. 

You really need to break it down and leave room, so no unsuspecting surprises knock you off your boots. That includes planning out a layout for your kitchen.

I used to work as a Kitchen Design Assistant a few years ago and I really do miss that job. Picking out samples, designing cabinet layouts, doing up 3D renderings etc. Needless to say, what better way to kind of bring it back then, to sketch out some kitchen layouts for you.

Heres the break down of the top 5 for you. To make it easy peasy to see which works for your home, lifestyle and family.

This will help you get started pain free, and have all the boring research stuff done for you! #yourwelcome

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One Wall Layout: This layout is great for small & tight spaces where there really isn't much room but a kitchen is imperative. It can take up as little or as much space as you would like. It can be a more minimalist, modern or can even country chic, your the designer! You see most of these layouts in condo's or small apartments/bachelors.

Gallery: One of the most common layouts that most houses, apartments or rentals have. Its the most functional but can feel a bit like a bowling alley. Especially if there isn't a lot of natural light coming in. This is great if you have enough space for a good sized kitchen but not enough space to expand or make it open concept.


U-Shape: Probably one of the most popular one is the U-shape, found in most homes where you have a bigger space to work with. It makes the space feel more open and inviting, and works great if you look to cook, bake and entertain. Easier to design and fun to play with.


G-Shape: Not the most common but still used. Similar to a U-shape it's easy to design. You would use this style if you don't have enough room for an island but still want some eating/seating space in the kitchen. The peninsula that sticks out is a great to act as a "dining table" or an office/homework space. 


L-Shape: One of the most popular layouts, it creates a open cohesive feel and leaves the space open for anything. Usually an island can be placed in the empty space (if space allows). It doesn't take up as much space as the other kitchen layouts & leaves room for entertaining and feeling open, inviting and warm.  

There you have it! I hope this helps narrow down your search, or choose which layout is right for you!

Now let's get designing shall we!?

Which one would you choose? Have any questions! Ask away in the comments below.


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