Tops Trends | My Favorite 2016 Trends


Hi sweets,

I know I've talked about trends before, now I myself love looking at them but incorporating each one is a whole other topic. You can find what I wrote about trends & style here.

Now these are some trends I have been CRUSHING on since I've spotted them online. Now some of these I would love to incorporate. Some just wouldn't work in my space, who says I can't dream a little bit.

Just make sure with each trend that you choose you actually love it. Rather then settling to change it each year or season use what makes you happy. Unless you really love trends or change, it might not be the best or feasible solution for you or your family. Also make sure it will actually work in your space, it may look great on the internet or in your friends place but it might not look quite right in yours.

Alright on to the pretty!



Pantone Color of the year;

Not just one color but two! Now these are gorgeous soft pastels, that would look stellar in your accessories, furniture or paint don't you think?



Bringing the outdoors in;

Still a favorite trend of mine and I definitely love having a few plants or flower bouquets around. It definitely adds life to any space and adds texture and interest too.


My Style Vita

Shades of grey;

I love how this is now becoming the new "beige" and thank god for that (is that just me?). Layering accessories, paint colors and flooring, grey is all the rage.


My Domaine

Geometric Tiles;

Now this is a funky trend, I'm not sure if I would love this in my own space. Thought it does look stunning here am I right? Would you use this?


Miss Moss

Using Artisan Goods;

I ladore this trend because you don't just get unique products. You also support other international business's & women, check out GlobeIn where you can do just that! (this is not a sponsored post, I just love the idea behind the site & had to share).


Architecture Art Designs

Mixing Metals;

Mixing copper, iron, metal, stainless steel etc. Anything shiny they say mix it together and I agree! There are a whole bunch of metals here and they work so well.


Oh The Things We'll Make

Make it Green;

Sustainable is and has been a trend for a while now. I still completely agree with trying to make it as green as possible. Now a days you can really find any piece in an environmentally friendly option and it's still pretty #bonus! Don't you love the genius bike pedestal?


Restoration Hardware

Formal Dining Rooms;

If you love to entertain or have dinners as a family this trend is for you. People seem to be using their dining spaces more & more, that means they're all paying a little more attention to the details. Making It a lush and memorable space you can be proud of. Do you still use a dining room?


Small Town Rambler

Pretty Pendants;

There are so many options and so many beautiful ones. You can splurge a little or you can find ones on a budget the options are endless!


House Beautiful

Lovely Pedestals;

There really are some unique and cute options for pedestals. Some classic, trendy, fashionable and traditional what ever style your are going for they seem to have one for it. Again your can splurge for a show piece or find ones at affordable prices.

Aren't some of those just too much! I sometimes wish I could just incorporate all of them, but alas it would probably be a little too much. No? I didn't think so either. If you want to read more on trends check out this article from Houzz.

What's your favorite trend? Would you use any of these? Let me know if the comments below, I always love hearing from you.

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