Up & Coming 2017 Home Trends

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Happy Wednesday friends!

Isn't always fun to see what next years home trends we'll be seeing all over the web and in homes? Although I don't follow the trends and decorate more to my style/likes.

I do love following the trends online and seeing what amazing things they are coming up with next, I can't deny that!

How about you? Are you a trendsetter or a trend lover?

Let's take a look at all the pretty.

Terra Cotta Tiles

I kind of like this trend, it almost give it a beach, Caribbean feel. I don't personally like terra cotta, but these can look pretty awesome in certain homes, and this picture may be swaying me a bit!


Dark Shades of Green

Now this I can do all day long! Emerald green is my birth color and it's so stunning, classic and sophisticated I would use this everywhere.


Jewel Tones

Add a touch of glam to any home? How about add some jewel tones, accessories, furniture, fabrics or even paint.


Bohemian Moments

This is my favorite trend, love this style. The flowing, casual atmosphere but put together style it provides. Anyone for the beach?


Black Is the New White

From kitchen, interiors, doors and walls. Black is becoming the new white! Im not sure about jumping on this train whole hearted (I love me some white rooms) yet, but I do love a bold black door or feature wall. It looks sharp and adds contrast to a bright, simple room.



This can be a really fun addition, from flooring to wall coverings. It can be hanging & organizing tool you will always have at your fingertips.


Upholstered Beds

This trend has been around for a bit and I can't wait to have this in my own home! It adds such class and a "comfy" feel I really love the look of it. Plus saves you from accidently hitting your head if you wake up quickly (don't ask but it can happen).

So if that wasn't enough I have a few more articles for you!

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What was your favorite out of the bunch? Personally I LOVE the Bohemian style and the Black trend is growing on me.

Would you try any of these?


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