What To Do When Your Stuck With Ugly Furniture

What To Do When Your Stuck With Ugly Furniture.png

Hey my sweets!

I am super excited that my room is finally painted and coming together (you can see my design plan & progress), don't worry a post will be coming soon! I can't wait for it to be all done just in time for summer days to start.

It drove me nuts when I have/had mismatched furniture in my old apartment or hand-me downs that I don't truly love. I was truly grateful and it got me buy but its not something that made me smile.

I'm sure you've been there too but sometimes you just can't buy that expensive couch or dream chair you have been eyeballing. Its a new place and was expensive enough, and you are slowly working to make it yours.

Not to worry though because there are some ways to get around it AND still love everything you have for now.


Cover It: There are so many ways to cover furniture such as slips, with fabric, or to reupholster. A super easy and somewhat budget friendly way to make an ugly couch or chair a brand new part of the family

Paint It: You can choose to repaint or stain a table, chair or piece of furniture you were given. By painting, it will be given a new life and even giving it new hardware you may not even recognize it!

Move It: You just may like it better in a different room, it may not be working where it is now. But may be given a whole new character and meaning in another room.

Hide It: Try placing a blanket, pillows or fabric over a piece of furniture or something you dislike to hide it. With fun patterns or bright colors could take away from the piece you are hating.

Focal Point: Take away the attention from the piece you hate and create a focal point either around it or another spot in the room.

If everything falls through, donate it (if you can) there is no point in keeping something you hate just to use it or keep it because you feel bad as it was given to you. Find something that is comfortable and you like/love, that's what it's all about!


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Know that you can have furniture you can be happy with or love, even if its just for right now. There are so many ways no a days to make things work and on a budget, don't be afraid to take advantage of them!

What would you do if you were or are in this position?


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