Why I Changed My Internet Decor?

Hey there my friends!


Today is the day of my official launch of my new site and well, what do you all think?!

I was super excited to show you all the new site goodies and I'm sure you've noticed a few new things as well?

The reason why I wanted to change my internet home was not because my old one was horrible but because it wasn't entirely representing me anymore. A change has been on a mind for a while, I needed to represent a better me and step up my blogger game. The template I was using before just wasn't working for what I needed it to do, not superhero worthy.

I then decided right then and there, there's no better time then the now. Shut down and began my overhaul.

Now it was super fun and exhilarating journey but a lot of hard work. Some might say it took a little longer, some might say you shouldn't have shut down etc. I wanted to do what felt right to me and this was it. I had some help though, I've got my super women of a social media girl on board and she helped me with all of the social world. So of course you would know that I was still alive.

I wanted to make sure the new one had a home page for easy navigation and a little hello from me too. I wanted you to be able to find exactly what you needed fast, instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling till you got bored. Its all about you my friends.

Why I choose blue and white with a little bit of yellowish gold? I have always had a little happiness inside when I saw anything blue and white. My favorite color has always been blue and it just makes me happy, as well as reminds me of the ocean (which I can think about all day ah the ocean, ok back to blogging). The gold? Well who doesn't want a little shine on their blog? Also what superhero doesn't have gold in their suit?

I also choose a different logo, why? Because floral wreaths are everywhere and you know what? I wanted to stand out, like the super hero that I am.

"I wanted to stand out like the super hero that I am"

You may notice I got rid of my twitter, why you ask? Well I'll tell you and lets be honest ok? I don't use it, I never check it and well it turned out to be more of a hassle then a benefit. It wasn't fair to you or to me to share that I had one if I didn't ever update it. I also think my social girl thanks me a little too.

Alright the big thing?! 

See that services page button up at the top in the nav bar? Yea that was a little unexpected surprise (TA-DA) I have been himming and humming for a while about it now. Finally someone kicked me in the pants and said what have you got to loose?! So now my friends all my super decor powers are available to you via the inter world or in actual person(super hero costume not included, well unless requested). Go and check out that if you need some help with any home decor or organizational problems; like your furniture's not in the right place, you keep tripping over those darn moving boxes or you have no idea how to organize a kids playroom that has TOYS EVERYWHERE and you may kill someone if you step on another lego piece.

I have some serious skills by the way, just saying.

Next that little portfolio button? Well its exactly how it sounds,  a picture frenzy of all sorts of homes, mood boards and super storage rooms. Just so you can see and I can prove all my superhero powers are real. Its a work in progress though so bare with me a little.

The things that are the same? My blog of course & categories which is pretty self explanatory.

"I seriously love it here now, I am jealous of myself for creating it".

Ok, Ok NOW the most exciting part?!?!!?!?!?! I know there's more!

You've probably been noticing all the "coming soon" pictures around shall I tell you what's coming?

Ok, ok no more holding it in, welcome my HOME ORGANIZER!!

You can hit that button and be signed up for the pre-launch of my very first product! Guys you'll want one of these and plus its so pretty! This will be launching so SOON my friends and if your in the middle of a reno, re-decoration or just want your home organized? You will DEFINITELY want to check it out. Plus if you become a VIP there are tons of perks, discounts and first dibs if your in.

Alright so I think I covered pretty much everything.

OH, OH see those pretty pictures of me around? They were done by the amazing super couple Mandy & Rob from My Love Studios. If you need professional pictures, you'll want to check these two out. They are friendly, will make you feel warm, fuzzy & comfortable and are super talented. I also have them coming in to take some pictures of my home (stay tuned for an official tour soon!).

Now I covered everything. I swear

So go grab some more coffee, you can even put baileys in it I won't judge. Grab a blanket, fly around and enjoy.

A special thank you to all my readers for your patience, support and love you guys seriously rock!! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. A huge thank you to my super women of an assistant I would probably be going a little bat crazy, off the deep end if I did this all on my own, you are awesome. Last but certainly not least my fiancé for understanding and not getting mad that I was working all the time, silent and half paying attention, I love you.

What do you guys think? What's your favorite new addition? Are you really excited for one thing in particular?


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