E-Design Packages



Do you need help but are an ocean away? I can use my superpowers half way across the world too, pretty neat eh?


Outta This World; Your Complete Design Package


Consultation Call: To find out what you need my superpowers for and how I can use them best

Mood Board: You'll quickly see the inspiration that is going to create your room

Space Planning: Finally make sure all your furniture is in a functional place

Color Board: So you don't have 10 paint samples on each wall

3D Rendering: You can see the real deal even before you commit

Shopping List: Then you can hunt it out in person or virtually and put it in your home

30 & 90 Day Follow up Calls: You'll have my guidance to make sure your powers are going in the right direction

To The Rescue; Your Comprehensive Design Plan

Photo by betyarlaca/iStock / Getty Images


1 hr Consultation Call: We will go over all the nitty gritty one-on-one to make sure your project is totally unique to you

Space Planning: So you don't trip over that darn rug anymore

Color Board: Feel calm and ready to put it all in place instead of confused over which room has which paint color

Accessory Choices: The hard part will done - you'll just need to find them.

30 Day Follow Up: Stay on track with my professional follow up.

On Your Way; Pointing Your Way To A Design Solution


Color Board: Have your color fixation fixed for you

Inspiration Board: To jump start & motivate you to start that home project

Made your choice? Great! Your super package's await your decision and you can grab them here.