The difference between and Interior Decorator & Interior Designer?

An Interior Decorator; decorates or guides a person on finishing the interior of their home.We help choose accessories, fabric, materials, furniture, appliances, window coverings, flooring, among more! Now if you want to hire us for a renovation & reconstruction, we would need to hire out however. This is because we have no architectural backgrounds or licenses. We usually decorate mostly residential spaces, but some do branch out to clothing stores or set decor.

You do not need formal training or schooling to become a decorator, nor do you need any licenses and there are no government regulations to follow.

An interior designer is similar in the sense that can also do the same as an interior decorator. They can help with material, furniture, appliance & accessory choices etc. Now designers have more of a background in architecture and the bare structure of a space, so they won't need to hire out help (not true in all circumstances). Designers have a background in construction and building codes and are able to do commercial spaces and residential spaces.

You do need formal training and schooling to become an designer. You will need a degree and to become fully registered. There are licensing you need to acquire & government regulations you need to follow.

Why should I pay for a Decorator, when so many retailers & store's offer free assistance?


Some free in-store help is great but limited, they can not come into your home and really get a feel for your space and what you need. You are left to do most of the work with no guidance along the way. These are great if you are starting out or have the time to explain in detail with a quick consultation, but if you don't have the time hiring a Decorator is the way to go.

We however are there every step of the way. We get to know you, your family, and your space so we end up finding out the perfect & most functional space(s) for you.

When do I need a Decorator?






I don't know my style or articulate with one, should I still hire a decorator?




I don't have the time, should I still hire a decorator?





How do you charge for your Decorating fee's?





I am ready to design the nest of my dreams. What is the next step?







What if there is a product or labor/construction I am unhappy with?








What should I have for our first meeting?







Do you offer services outside of Canada & the GTA?


Us decorators are always here if you need one, but in my opinion when you need one most is;

  • If you don't know where to start
  • You need guidance or a helping hand on the finishing touches  
  • You have an idea but don't know how to pull it together
  • You are tired of the trendy, feel like your space is outdated, or need a change. 

Whatever you decor needs are, or if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, we're here!



Absolutely! I am there to sit with you and pick out your perfect style. We can pin point what you like and with my decor eye I put together something that represents you perfectly.

Giving you an outside perspective with idea's you may not have thought about. 



Yes! This is the time to hire help, I am there from start to finish and take care of everything. I take care of the nitty and gritty that you don't have time for. I put together everything so you can sit with ease knowing and trusting you'll have a beautiful finished product. 

I take care of the small and the big, so you can just sit back and watch the magic happen. However you can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you feel. It is your space after all!



I have designed packages to fit exactly what you need and I also offer Full Design services charged by the hour.

I also have additional services for additional fee's, such as if you need a shopping partner.

Whichever fits you & your lifestyle you have the choice. You can see them all here.



What I need from you is;
- To create a Pinterest board of your desired style, things you like or want to see before our first meeting.

The next steps are;
- During our meeting we will then go over your needs, wants, dislikes & likes.
- Take measurements & before pictures of your space.
- A mood board and preliminary design will be made for you.

We then get a Contract written up and signed to move forward.



If there are any issues or problems due to Constructions or Renovations from Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians etc. I am not reliable for any additional costs or mishaps (if any persists). I will however contact them to make sure they come back and fix the issues you are concerned about. 

If there are any issues on products or materials upon delivery, dye lots, or damaged products I am not responsible. The home owner or company responsible will be responsible for the cost & changes. 

Unless I am directly involved myself, I am not responsible and it is the responsibility of the home owner to fix it or account for additional costs. 




For our first meeting all you need is; 

  • Possible measurements of the space(s)
  • Budget 
  • Any more ideas or questions you would like to cover

and you!




Right now I am local to Canada & the GTA only, but don't hesitate to contact me and we can work something out. 

E-design is in the works!

Have more questions that weren't answered here? Not to worry just Contact Me and I can answer those for you!