Step 1

You will receive a client questionnaire to see what you want to accomplish in your space and for me to get to know you a bit more. Then payment will be required to proceed and you will receive a welcome package (including your contract) to give you all the information you need for our project to start. We will then create a Pinterest Board so you can put together some of your favourite photos and for me to get the feel for what you want the room to look like. 

Step 2

We will review your project & ideas and pick the best package for you to move forward.  We will then break it down by small projects, to do list & a timeline of when to get things done. A mood board will be created for inspiration & to gather the atmosphere you are wanting to achieve.

Step 3

Here you will have your first set of revisions to the design if something is not perfect. I will then create a rendering of the future design so you can see what your final product will look like. If we need any further revisions they will be completed during this time until you are happy with the over all space.

Step 4

Now it's time to source and order all of your furniture, accessories, and paint for the space. This step may take a bit of time, as things need a few days/weeks to come in (especially for custom orders).  

Step 5

This is when final revisions & final furniture/accessory choices will take place,  and then we will prep the space and paint for when it is ready to start putting it all together.

Step 6

This is the fun part! Time to Install, place your furniture, put your accessories in place and get any final touches. Then it's time for the final reveal! This can either be done in person or over the web (for e-design), which I will then ask for you to take the final photos (which I will provide tips on how to take the photos, in person I will set up the space and take them for you. Then I leave you happy in the space you've been longing for.

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