Want To Make Your Dream Home A Reality?

I can help.

I can guide you to find your true style and truly fall in love with your home. Let me help you create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Here's what to expect;

  • A free 1 hour consultation to go over all things necessary to make your dream home a reality.
  • A professional, dedicated, fun interior decorator who will provide what you need to achieve your home goals.
  • Together we will figure out your needs, create a plan and budget for the project.

From small one room projects all the way to whole home. Whatever your needs are I will be with you every step of the way until reveal day. I am serving in Canada, Ontario - Across the GTA. If we can't meet in person - don’t worry! I can meet you right here on the web.

Interested? Here’s some of my services.


  • Inspiration Board
  • Color consultation
  • Space Planning
  • Color & Materials selection
  • Furniture selection
  • Window Treatment selection
  • Materials, Furniture, Window Treatment & Accessory list
  • 30 day follow up meeting

What we will do:

  • Create a Pinterest board and pin your favorite photos so I can get a feel for what you want to achieve in the space/home
  • I will discuss your wants & needs of the space
  • Send a picture of your space(s) with the measurements (including windows and any small nooks)
  • I will design a few options for you and send them for approval
  • Once final decision on final design is made, I will send it with a list of materials, colors, suppliers, finishes & furniture selection
  • 30 days follow up & after pictures.

"As a new home owner, I was at a loss on how to decorate my home and didn’t know where to start. I had doubts about everything!!! Fortunately, I met Lauren from an interior decorating group online. Lauren eased my mind and was incredibly helpful with guiding my home with passion and design. I especially struggled with arranging my furniture in small limited spaces and determining style, color, and ways to make my space more inviting and modern. I appreciated Lauren's eye for using pieces we already had, and making them into something new or different. She truly offered wonderful ideas and created a great look. Lauren is extremely professional, reliable, organized, along with a warm positive energy. Lauren pays close attention to detail, she’s patient, and was conscious of my budget. I think she is very easy to work with and highly recommend her to anyone thinking of interior design. Lauren is a gem and I can’t wait to work with her again on other areas of my home!" ~ Natalia Pereira

In Home

  • Inspiration Board
  • 3D renderings
  • Color consultation
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture & Material selection
  • Paint selection
  • Window Treatment selection
  • 30 day in person follow up meeting

What we will do:

  • Pin or cut out pictures that represent you and your family and what style you want to achieve.
  • I will go over your needs , wants, dislikes, likes with you.
  • I together with you will come up with a plan to achieve your dream space
  • I will take measurements & pictures of your space
  • A mood board and design will be made for you
  • Final design is chosen and final package is made to you. The final design package includes a room by room paint/color selection, materials list, furniture list, window treatment selection, inspiration board & 3D rendering.
  • Shopping friend if you need one - at an extra cost
  • Final design reveal day & picture
  • 30 day follow up

Contact me for any pricing request or questions. Price is determined by the scope of a project.

Do you want to make your dream home a reality? Book your free consultation today!